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Zone 1 EHMT Training Calendar

Training occurs within each jurisdiction for its Hazardous Materials Technicians, but occurs for the entirety of the team on a quarterly basis. 

Training is provided by local jurisdictions' Subject Matter Experts (SME's), Regional training partners, Federal Agencies, and with public-private partnerships through the communities we serve. Some of the training partners with the Eastside Hazmat Team are:

Training consists of a variety of topics, that completes required objectives mandated by CFR 1910.120 for Hazardous Materials Response, Technician level. Some of the required training topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Radiological Emergencies

  • Chemical Emergencies

  • Biological Emergencies

  • Clandestine Laboratories

  • Hazardous Materials Transportation Incidents

  • Hazard Pre-planning

  • Tier 2 Reporting

  • Chemistry

  • Event Mitigation 

  • Hazard Analysis

  • Decontamination

Local Training Links

All federal training links will be located on a separate page. Click above to be directed. 

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