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2020...Quite an Interesting year...

As we all know, 2020 has presented many challenges to the Consortium Agencies and the Hazmat Team. Many of the scheduled training sessions were cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Although Z1 EHMT has overcome those issues and have been innovative in conducting quarterly training, so much so that Zone 3 Hazmat has also joined our training sessions and adopted the methods. This has allowed members to attend training at the station level and maximize social distancing among varying agency members. We will continue to adopt innovative ways to ensure that we continue to perform our training and perfect our skills. We look forward to returning to our normal training routine, hopefully in the near future.

Covid-19 has also brought Hazmat Technicians to the forefront due to their expertise in PPE selection and decontamination methods. Early on when little was known about the Covid-19 virus, there was many misconceptions about how to properly care for patients, proper decon techniques, and proper PPE selection. As time progressed, we have found and developed many unique techniques to ensure we minimize cross contamination from Covid positive patients, ensure proper decon of personnel and apparatus, and ensuring the safety of patients, personnel, and other healthcare providers.

We will continue to adapt to the changing environment in the world today and are ready to respond to any potential incident that may be presented. We have taken the slower training tempo to refine our skills, collaborate and enhance our relationships with members outside of Zone 1, and seek training and guidance from National Hazmat experts to further our expertise. Like everyone, we are wanting to return to normal again. Stay safe out there!

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